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Practice your answers to these 15 popular interview questions
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why do you want to work for this company?
3. What interests you about the position?
4. Why did you / are you going to leave your last job?
5. Tell me about experience at your last job(s) that equips you to effectively perform this job.
6. What related experience do you have?
7. What are your strengths?
8. Tell me about a time when ______________ (fill in the blank for EACH requirement listed for the job)
9. What experience do you have _______________ (fill in the blank for EACH responsibility listed for the job)
10. What salary are you looking for?
11. What’s most important to you in a new position?
12. What are the first 5 things you would do if you were hired for this position?
13. If, I spoke to your previous boss, what areas would they say you need the most improvement? (be prepared to explain how you are currently improving them)
14. What is your biggest professional achievement?
15. What questions do you have for me? (show your knowledge of the company and position)
10 Resume Writing Tips
1. Choose a plain and easily legible font
Make it easy for both hiring managers and automated applicant systems to read your resume.
2. Include ALL of your contact information
The easier you are to get a hold of, the easier you are to hire. Musts: Full name, complete postal address, home phone, cell phone and email address. Suggested: Facebook page or Twitter handle so long as the content on your pages will not be frowned upon (many employers will try to find your pages anyway).
3. Include resume keywords
Customize your resume for each job while paying careful attention to the keywords used in their requirements and responsibilities sections. Not only will you be speaking the “same language” as the hiring manager but automated systems will more easily recognize your resume.
4. Choose the right resume format
Again, customization is key. Depending on how your past experiences line up with the requirements for the new job, consider achronological (when most recent experience is most relevant), functional (when several previous responsibilities from multiple positions are most relevant), targeted (list experiences in order of relevancy to the new position), or a combination thereof.
5. Prioritize your resume content
No matter the resume format, organize the content of your resume so the most relevant experience to the prospective job are listed first.
6. Quantify your achievements
A lot of job seekers are most comfortable speaking in generalities, after all the prospective job description was written in generalities right? When applicable, quantify your achievements. “Directed sales efforts for a group on 10 colleagues resulting in a 15% increase in departmental revenue” is significantly more tangible than “Directed sales efforts for a group on 10 colleagues resulting in increased departmental revenue”
7. Tailor your resume Objective
Customization is becoming a common theme. Tailor your resume objective to match the job you are applying for. The more specific you can be without losing relevance, the better your chances are of making it through the preliminary review.
8. Stay ahead of the Technology curve
No matter which industry you work in, technology is evolving quickly. Craft your resume so that you can relevantly weave in your technology experience touching upon past, present and future technologies as much as possible.
9. Create an image that matched the Salary you want
Language used in a resume seeking a $10 per hour position is much different than a resume seeking a $40 per hour position. For example, the former should avoid resume objectives and experiences of “supervising others” while the latter should avoid resume objectives and experiences involving “entry-level tasks”.
10. Read the Instructions carefully
In today’s world resumes can be submitted umpteen different ways. Carefully read the prospective job opening and fully understand how the hiring manager wants to receive your resume. Method (email, postal mail, fax), format (MS Word, PDF, all on 1 page), timing (start date, end date, only on certain days or only during certain hours)